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Yummy Mummy’s!

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With Mother’s Day just a couple of days away, I hope you all have something lovely planned for your special Mum!

With so many lovely treats we can spoil our Mother’s with, from buying her all time favourite perfume,chocs and flowers. Or the route I love to go down is the craft gifts, heartfelt, time and energy always shows my mum how much I appreciate her. If you’re like me and don’t mind getting the place in a bit of a mess for a little while, have a nose at Pinterest I find it the best place to get my craft ideas!

So I know for our wonderful mothers it’s a great day to get dolled up and go out for a nice bite to eat, so hopefully I can be a bit of use with some helpful tips and tricks:-)!

For the more mature Mother’s I have some ideas which can help you decide on your makeup journey:-).

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Don’t forget to moisturize before applying your foundation, it can give a lovely hydrated look to your skin, and is a good base for your products. If you haven’t already why not give a good BB cream a try, they can be nourishing to your skin while giving you the “makeup look”. Also don’t forget that there are foundations out there that have all the goodness of the anti ageing creams. Look for ingredients such as caffeine, and goji berry to help firm up the skin.


I know that a lot of mature woman can be afraid to wear lippys because they can be self conscious that there lips are thinner than they once were. But I’m here to tell you not to be afraid! The right lip colour for you can actually enhance your luscious lips giving them life and definition. I do advise you that when you go shopping for your new collection of lippys to bring a friend with you, because at the end of the day they’re going to give you their honest opinion:-). Don’t forget to line those lips either, it gives the lip definition and also it will stop your lippy from bleeding into any fine lines around the lip area( nobody wants to look like a dripping painting:-)).And woman never ever be afraid of a gloss it will give them lips of yours an instant plump, bringing you back ten years!


Some woman can be afraid of filling in their brows, but lemme tell ya ladies filling in your brows the right way can give you an instant eye lift (no pain and your purse is still left full at the end).Try and stay away from shimmery colours as it’s not going to be very flattering, saying that though don’t just stick to all matte colours as it can be a bit dated. Try shadows with a satin finish so your still getting a nice shine just without the shimmer:-).  Last but by no means least ladies grab your eyelash curlers from beneath the dust and don’t be afraid of them! Curling your lashes will only open up your eyes and who doesn’t like an open eye ;-).

So to all my Yummy Mummy’s out there, not matter what you are doing or where you are going, if you don’t feel like it and you just want to get a little bit pampered give the EFCS a call to book in for your glamorous look!

Mums are like buttons, they hold things together!xox

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