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YSL Forever Light Creator

Model with serum

I am very sceptical about skin care launches and the new amazing claims that they make. Often PRs will come up with fantastical words to describe the amazing results that the particular cream they are promoting is supposed to do.

So when I heard about the YSL Forever Light Creator and the fact that it is independently tested by Professor Des Tobin, University of Bradford I was immediately intrigued. No longer could they hide behind the creative vocabulary of the PR department, now they have cold hard science to back up their claims.

What they discovered in 4 weeks of testing was that the Forever Light Creator improved fine lines, pores, colour tone and skin translucency.  In the short time that they used the product not only did the testers feel like their skin improved, but the scientists were able to viably measure the improvements using a face scanner.

The serum has a revolutionary new ingredient called Glycanactif WT™ which helps to regulate three Glycans which are responsible for making our skin look more youthful. On the surface, the C-glycan is designed to help and smooth the texture of the skin. The P-glycan was selected to act on the skin tone by limiting the appearance of pigmentation inconsistencies.  The X-glycan was chosen to improve the density of the skin.

Forever Light Creator Serum

I have been using the serum for a few weeks now and I love the lightweight texture of this serum, it is very hydrating and comforting on the skin and dries to a velvety matt finish, which is perfect for my skin as some serums can be too rich for my combination skin. I have very pigmented skin from growing up in a hot country (I grew up in South Africa) and the recent heatwave we had. Around my forehead was particularly bad. I have noticed that this has improved greatly and I am really impressed with the results.
If money was no option I would definitely go out and buy this product if the one I was gifted ran out. I have the 50ml bottle of the Forever Light Creator Serum which is priced at €102.10 which means it is out of my price range. I think this is a worthwhile product to buy if you are older and can afford it as it is clinically proven to work. However as I am only 29 I think I have another few years before I will invest that much in my skincare.

Let me know what you think. Does it matter to you how much you spend as long as it works?

Lots of love,


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