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Which Bride are you?

By May 20, 2009Weddings

Which Bride are you? Just got my usual dose of fashion from Vogue. There was a very entertaining article I thought I would share with you. Apparantly you can tell alot about a woman from the type of wedding dress she chooses. Made for very funny reading…where do they come up with this stuff 🙂 ??


Now seriously you have to be kidding me…would anyone wear this?



I liked the Collette Dignam Dress…sometimes simplicity is best!

Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful

1. Collette Dinnigan knows that simplicity can be just as powerful as metres of meringue-like tulle.
There’s no stopping this bride as she makes it down the aisle in record time.
Wedding march: Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.
Wedding secret: Tricep dips for toned arms.
Wedding fear: Spilling Bollinger on the dress during the Best Man’s lurid speech.

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