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What Salon the Answer to my Beauty Prayers

What Salon ReviewHello Beauty Lovers!

I have got some exciting news for you! I am delighted to tell you about a new app that is going to revolutionise the way that you make your beauty appointments. One thing I never set aside time for is my beauty regime. I know this may come as a surprise seeing as I work in the industry, but I just find it really hard to make and keep beauty appointments as my work hours can change at the drop of a hat. I would always book in appointments, but end up having to cancel when work came in.

Sometimes I would find myself with a few hours to kill if an appointment finished early or if I had a last minute cancellation and would try book in somewhere. It would be so frustrating ringing around to hear time and time again that I should book in advance etc etc. Well now there is an app for that!! What Salon.

It saves you the hassle of ringing around when you are looking for that last minute appointment. The app works by finding your location, then you tell it what service you are looking for. It will show you the nearest salons with appointments available. You can select which one you would like to book in to. It will then deduct a small amount of the cost of the service from your credit card to guarantee your booking. You then go to the salon enjoy your treatment and pay the balance however you would like directly to the salon. How cool is that!

I know that this is going to become a firm favourite on my phone. What about you? Have you tried it out yet? Do you know any other great beauty apps I should know about? Please share!

Lots of love,


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