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What is the BEST red lipstick and how do you chose the right one for you?!

the best red lipsticksRed Lipstick is a force of it’s own and for many an accessory that they refuse to go without, adding instant glamour to any outfit and making a very obvious statement. From Chanel to Rimmel there are dozens of red lippy’s to chose from. For me a blueish red tone will always dictate my choice in a red as we all know it is the most flattering against our pearly whites!

The key to finding the perfect red for you is to realise that it’s not about the actual colour ie whether it be orange-red, blue-red, or true red, it’s about how bright that color is against the skin. If you have fair skin, orange-reds are going to pop quite a bit more as brighter colors are more noticeable on paler skin.  This doesn’t mean if you have pale skin, you can’t make it work- it just means, it’s going to pop more.  Darker skin beauties have an easier time pulling off the orange-reds seeing as dark skin can handle brighter colors-  there’s less of a contrast.  BUT, darker skin also looks beautiful in blue reds- it just doesn’t pop as much as the orange reds. Anyway instead of confusing you any further here’s some of my personal faves that are kit staples and all round good guys 🙂

Probably the most famous of all reds is MAC’s ‘Ruby Woo’ and it has a massive cult following for a reason. It is super long lasting with a gorgeous bold matt finish. You can’t mention MAC and red lipstick without mentioning ‘Russian Red’ which is another cult classic but will more of an orange red tone and beautiful on brunettes or those with a deeper skin tone.

Chanel’s blue toned satin lipstick ‘Pirate’ is a favourite with so many. It’s a beautiful colour and the click open tube adds the glam effect when applying!

Revlon have a fabulous classic red called ‘Fire and Ice’ that suits pretty much every skin tone and is super nourishing and affordable.

L’Absolu Rouge in ‘Absolute Rouge’  from Lancome is a wonderfully moisturising and one of my favourite orangey reds not forgetting to mention it’s great staying power.

Kate Moss has a fantastic range with Rimmel and Shade #1 is perfect for a statement red lip with the most affordable price tag!

Always remember the best way to wear any red is to balance out the colour on top with plenty of mascara and very neutral shadows. I am a fan of pairing a red lip with classic winged eyeliner, it’s such a simple yet effective look, certainly packing a punch and so simple!

I hope this has helped and if I’ve missed out on any of your go to rouge I’d love to hear from you!

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