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Wella Trendvision Regional Finals 2013

Wella Tredvision Show 2013

Hello my fashion loving friends,

Hard to believe that a year has gone past already, but yesterday I was at the Wella Trendvision again with Leandro, the fantastic hairdresser who won young talent of the year 2012. You can read all about that here: http://www.emmafarrellmakeup.com/wella-trendvision-report-uk-ireland-2012/

Wella Trend Vision Makeup

I was asked to do the make-up again for Leandro’s entry, which I was delighted about. This time we were going for the decibel trend. This was a very colourful hair colour with lots of purples, blues and oranges. Leandro wanted a block colour on the eyes. Originally we were going to go with just orange, but we felt this just washed out poor Svetlana. It is all well and good going for a trend, but you want your model to look good!

We went with an orange blended eye with a deep purple definition around the lashline. As this look was all about the eyes, we completely blocked out her eyebrows and lips, with only a contour on the cheeks. I think that it worked beautifully with the clothes and hair and made Svetlana’s blue eye pop!

Wella Trendvision the Team

Here are some photos of the team! Was very dark backstage, so excuse the state of them! We all went for some orange streaks in our hair! Sort of a “team Leandro” uniform 🙂

It was lots of fun, but unfortunately this year it wasn’t to be. Leandro didn’t make it to the final in London. In fairness, 800 people applied initially, so to get to this stage is pretty awesome! Plus he won the whole thing last year, so that is a little condolence. I am sure that this isn’t the last we have heard from Leandro though! Watch this space…

Lots of Love,


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