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Wedding Wednesday: The Natural Bride

Natural Bridal Makeup


Hello Lovelies,

The one request that 95% of my brides have when we do a trial is ‘I want to look natural’. This description is completely different to everybody as one persons natural is another persons nightmare. To ensure that we are singing off the same hymn sheet I’ll usually ask a number of questions to get a feel for the type of person they are and what is natural to them. This week’s bride is a perfect example of a really light bridal makeup.

Today’s bride is the very beautiful Claire. Claire wanted a really really simple look as she wouldn’t wear much makeup on a daily basis and as all brides do, wanted to feel comfortable and herself on her wedding day.

As you can see Claire is a stunning girl anyway so I did extremely light eyes with browns to accentuate the colour of her own. Then I added  a few single lashes,with some light highlighting and contouring and a pink stained lip to finish it off.

This is quite a daring look for those who would be used to heavier makeup application but is very effective and a stunning look for those of you who are willing to try! 🙂

Would you try this for your wedding day?

Lots of


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