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Want to get rid of Undereye Circles?

By April 19, 2012Brands, Uncatagorized, YSL

Panda Eyes Dark Undereye Circles

I am one of those people that has deep set hooded eyes, as a result the skin underneath the eye area is quite thin. This means that you can see alot of the blood vessels and veins underneath my eye, so it looks quite dark all the time, regardless of how much I sleep. Also I have quite a strong hollowing underneath my eye which in turns adds to the general look of tiredness.

Here is a picture of my eye with no makeup on (scary I know!):

Before bad undereye circles and hollow

There really is nothing I can do about this other than get surgery, there are many skincare products out there and I have tried the lot and they really don’t make much of a difference. This is where being a make-up artist comes in handy, because although I am not able to get rid of them permanently. I am absolutely able to reduce the look of my undereye circles with the magic trickery that is make-up.

The first thing that we have to think about is what colour makes up the bulk of the undereye circle. In my case it is quite blue-purpley in colour (I know it looks quite red in the picture, but I think that is just my camera). We then need to look at the colour wheel to find its opposite colour which will help to cancel out the colour and neutralise it. I bought my colour wheel in the art and hobby shop and always carry it with me when I am working. In my case, I need something that is an orangey yellow.

Makeup Colour Wheel

So I know what colour my products should be, but what kind of products are best? Well I definitely think when working with such discolouration a two pronged attack is best. I use my D62 Kryolan Dermacolor concealer from my Minipalette. It is SUPER pigmented, so means you can cover just about anything. When using it under the eye, be careful it can become quite cakey and accentuate any lines if you are not careful. I find if I mix it with a little bit of eyecream, it thins it out a little and stops it doing this.

Dermacolor Concealer from Kryolan

On top of this then, I use the holy grail of undereye potions. The Touche Éclat in 2.5. For years, I was not a fan of this product as I found the colours quite limited. When they brought out a heap of new colours I decided to give it another try and I was pleasantly surprised. The 2.5 is great as it is the right yellowy/orange to neutralise my discolouration and it also has light reflective particles which bring lightness to the area.

touche eclat n°2.5

Well here is the finished result, just concealer and foundation on. What do you think? What do you use under your eyes?

After YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT undereye circles gone

Emma xx

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  • Suzanne Gallagher says:

    Great post Emma.  I do think you are beautiful with or without your circles.  XXX

  • LisaR says:

    Great post, this is an ongoing problem for me too, I use benefit’s erase paste which I really like though I think I chosen the wrong colour as it has more of a pinky undertone, and I would have similar colouring to you, so I’ll be on the look out for a more yellow tone when I run out x

  • Emma Farrell says:

    Hi Lisa,

    It is funny, I was actually using the erase paste for a while too, I bought one of those kits on the airplane one time. It has good coverage, but yup just wasn’t the correct shade for the serious concealing I need!
    If you like that kind of consitancy Bobbi Brown do a creamy undereye concealer that is similar but comes in more yellowy/orange colours.
    Let me know how you get on xx

  • Emma Farrell says:

    Aw thanks 🙂 xx

  • Celine says:

    Hey Emma, funny you wrote this post because I am reading a book about Chinese face reading and guess what?? Circles bellow the eyes are a representation of your depth. People with those circles are often very creative, intuitive and artistic. Surely you can relate to that-:) Here now I hope your never gotta look at your circles the same way! See u tonight. xx

  • Emma Farrell says:

    That is really interesting! I like the sound of all of that 🙂

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