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As a makeup artist I have tried every single type of lashes on the market. From heavy dramatic full ones to the most natural of looks,everyone has their own preference. Velour Lashes were founded by two best friends about two years ago and since then have been the lash of choice for makeup artists who work with Beyonce, Celine Dion, Jessica Alba, Marina and the Diamonds and  Little Mix to name a few.

The first amazing thing about these lashes for me is that they are currently the only strip lashes on the market made from 100% cruelty free mink hair and are hypoallergenic!

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These lashes were a winner from the start  – they arrived in an attractive purple case, ideal for storing them in seeing as they claim to last for twenty five wears! (I’m currently on wear 5!). For someone like myself who regularly finds single strips in the most bizarre of places this is a huge plus 🙂
The application was simple as the strip was sturdy yet extremely flexible, allowing me to manipulate them easily. When applied the lashes were long and voluminous, yet natural in the sense that the spacing and wispiness mimics that of real lashes. They were extremely lightweight to wear so much so I actually forgot they were on!
The only downside of these lashes from a Make-up Artist perspective is they are really expensive, the range starts at $30 and goes as high as $80.  If you were going to get 25 wears out of them, that is good value, but seeing as I can’t reuse my lashes on customers I wouldn’t be able to use them professionally.
However personally these are a firm favourite and now take pride of place in my make-up bag. Velour lashes come in twelve different shapes and sizes so there is something to suit everyone. All in all these get a big thumbs up from me! I will update later to let you know if I’ve achieved the goal of twenty five wears 🙂
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