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Vaseline goodies

Hello Lovelies,

Last week I was invited along to the Vaseline launch to sample some of their fantastic new formulations and products. I have to admit, it wasn’t any old launch  – with nail technicians and a masseuse at the ready it was a wonderful morning of pampering topped off with a yummy breakfast!! OK so back to the products…… 🙂 Any makeup artist’s kit is not complete without a tub of Vaseline petroleum jelly, the best part being that it is multi purpose, from adding shine to moisture it covers a multitude! The lip balm is probably their most popular product but Vaseline have over the years provided us with some other fantastic staples such as their moisturisers and deoderants (which I swear by!). Newest to the line is a fab smelling hand cream claiming to protect cuticles and strengthen damaged nails. I’ve only been using it a week so will keep you all posted!

The star from the line though is the new ‘spray and go’ body moisturiser. With a gorgeous light, non greasy, moisturising formula it does exactly what it says on the tin, absorbing in really quickly allowing you to incorporate it into a busy routine. The spray function is really cool and helps you to aim at all those hard to reach places with even application. This is perfect for anybody who is a little lazy when it comes to remembering to moisturise!

Lastly there are the body butters which I had never ever tried before. The Body Shop is synonymous with body butters but these Vaseline ones might actually be a contender. The cocoa one was my personal favourite with a beautiful rich texture, ideal for holidays or deep moisturising if you have time on your hands to relax and let it work it’s magic.

All in all for me the best part about the Vaseline range is how competitive it is in price. The most expensive in the range being the body butter which you can get for €6.49, that’s a steal in comparison to some of the other popular brands and I have to say it definitely gives them a run for their money when it comes to effectiveness!

Have you tried any of the Vaseline range? As always feel free to comment below or ask me any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Lots of Love

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