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Sorry that I haven’t written in so long, but I have been sooooo busy! Guess that is a good complaint. I have been working non-stop with no days off for three weeks, between doing freelance work and also working on a new television programme called “The Guards”.

I can’t really say too much about it, but it will be shown on TV 3 in February of next year. It is a television drama starring

Emmett Scanlon

Chris Patrick Simpson

and Steve Aldridge

“The Guards” is directed by Graham Cantwell. His independent film “Anton” did very well at the Irish Film and Television Awards.

For more information go to www.theguardstv.com, but be warned, this is only a temporary website. It will be redeveloped when all the footage has been shot, which should be at the beginning of November.

There has been a good bit of press attention already, this is an article from The Tribune. It is funny, people have already started slating the show, even before there was any footage! Here’s an article from The Dubliner. Even the actors have been getting a hard time. The reference to Zoolander was Tres funny and very clever, I think Ben Stiller is great and so is Emmett!

I guess even bad press is good press! Hopefully we do enough to please everybody even the most cynical! A lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into the production, so I hope so! If all goes well perhaps a few more episodes can go into production 🙂

I really feel like Irish people should be supporting homegrown projects that use Irish talent and Crew. There is way too much imported stuff on Irish television even though there are plenty of talented, educated and experienced Irish people in the Film and Television industry here. Thankfully TV3 have seen this and are starting to cultivate this creativity as stated in this article in The Times.

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