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When it comes to lipsticks there are almost too many colours to choose from sometimes! Today I’m going to let you know my top 5 MAC lipsticks! ( I decided to keep it to one brand cause otherwise it would get messy)

So lets get down to business:

  • Starting everything off of course has to be Ruby Woo. With a red lip never really going out of fashion this is deffo a stable piece to have in your makeup bag.
  • Heroine, with the name alone captivating you this is definitely one that I would grab for on a night out! With the colour being determined by what lip liner you pair it with, you can really play it down or work it like it was intended for. Why not be a bit daring and bold!
  • Candy YumYum. I think along with Ruby Woo nearly everybody knows this colour. The vibrant pink definitely makes me feel super girly, and left feeling like I’m living the “Grease” dream haha.
  • Captive. Now if you’re looking for a Kylie Jenner inspired look I’d say give this one a go. This is my go to date night lipy!:)
  • Last but by no means least is Kinda Sexy. This for sure is a great one to have in your bag. Kinda Sexy is such a gorgeous nude pink colour that it’s hard to pass up. If you need a small bit of colour but are in a rush and don’t want to be cleaning up bright reds everywhere then make sure you grab it! It can also be a great one to have if you’re not a big fan of wearing lippys, because it’s quite nude you can feel extremely comfortable wearing it.

Well I hope this helped you all out a small bit and maybe inspired you to pop out and grab a new lippy or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5  ha!

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