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The Week in Review: MAC Maleficent and Other News

Beauty News May 2014

1.) There is no doubt in my mind that this Halloween, there are going to be alot of Angelina Joliesque characters running about the place thanks to this film. One of the most anticipated movies of the year, Maleficent is going to be huge. Of course MAC Cosmetics always knows have their fingers on the pulse of what is cool, so needless to say they have collaborated with the Disney Franchise and created a wickedly gorgeous Maleficent Makeup Collection.

2.) Coined as the invention that is going to disrupt the €55 billion dollar beauty industry. Harvard Business School Grad Grace Choi has caused a stir with her recent talk at Tech Crunch, coming up with a device that you can manufacture/3D print your own makeup at home. You can choose the colours from an image online or even from a video of your favourite YouTube Guru.  You can watch the video on Entrepeneur.com or sign up on her website to be the first to know when the $200 printer will be launched: Grace Mink 

3.) Turns out Beyonce is not the only person who is photoshopping her Instagram Selfies. According to Mackenzie Wagoner of Vogue.com, more of us mere mortals are resorting to photoshop or photo enhancing apps to make ourselves look better in social media. You can read the whole article here.

4.) “Be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else” is a great mantra and certainly one that the Austrian winner of the Eurovision sticks too. I have never seen such a glamorous person with a beard! I do love to see someone pushing the boundaries of what is ‘normal’! You can read a full interview on the Eurovision Website.

As ever it has been a busy week in the beauty world! If you have any cool stories to share, please do get in touch and leave a comment below.

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