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The Week In Review2And this week we have…..


MAC Cosmetics has announced its latest collaborator – one of our favourite long running comedy series The Simpsons! In celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary the makeup brand is releasing a limited edition color collection that, will center around the cartoon family’s blue haired matriarch Marge. No details on the collection’s contents are available just yet but MAC have hinted towards a September release date. I wonder what Lorde, Rihanna and Nikki Minaj will think of this?! 🙂

Alexa Chung meets Kale nails over at Nails Inc.

We have shelac, gel, acrylic, gelish, 3D nails, all types of nail art and now come…. KALE nails….yes Kale,that superfood we are constantly told to incorporate into our diets. Well we now can incorporate it into our manicure and be even better individuals :0 #whenwillitstop

Stradivarius enters makeup market

The international clothing brand is taking on a new challenge this season with the launch of a makeup collection in the entry-level price range. The new line will be available in Stradivarius stores from June. Do you think this will pluck on your purse strings?…… No?…don’t get it?…Stradivarius….violin….purse strings….it doesn’t matter :/

Conor Clinch meets Rankin

We love an Irish success story here at Emma Farrell Makeup and Conor Clinch a photographer whom I have had the pleasure to work with has made it onto UK screens on the ‘One to Watch’ airing on Sky One. He has now been chosen to be mentored by the one and only Rankin! We’ll enjoy following his progress over the next few weeks. GO CONOR!

Anything else weird or wonderful out there this week??

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