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The Week in Review: 19th April 2014

BEAUTY NEWSHere’s a quick recap on this weeks beauty news….

1. Coming up to the  year anniversary since the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh I came across this very touching video from the New York Times , ‘The Deadly Cost of Fashion’ commemorating the dead and also giving us some food for thought. Well worth a watch as gives a voice to those who tragically passed and will hopefully help in the search for compensation for the victims and their families.

2. Coachella Fashion roundup. I’ve been going to festivals since 2002. If there’s one thing I know how to do and do well it’s survive a festival and dress for it. And it’s not hard either. Honestly, your looks shouldn’t be your top priority, but that’s not to say it’s not possible to simultaneously look great and dress practically. Here’s a round up of the good the bad and the ugly from Coachella by Stylelist.com to help you get planning for our own festival season. THINK 90’s!!

3. You heard it here first! Custom made lipsticks are set to sweep the beauty world, as ever New York is first with this personalised lip service, but I am sure it won’t be long until someone introduces this our side of the water. To read more about the Bite Lip Lab, check out this article in New York Daily News.

4. Affirming our concept of smoke and mirrors we’ve being hearing about Lady Gaga this week. Leaked  photos show a makeup less Gaga in non-airbrushed Versace campaign. In the untouched photos, she appears to have minimal makeup on with just light powder and foundation and a little mascara….if that! However, in the retouched shots, her skin is  glowing and perfectly contoured not to mention the improvement on her silky mane. SMOKE and MIRRORS 🙂

4. For any of you who have ever wanted to know the backstage beauty secrets from any catwalk with kudos check this out. Vogue have kindly offered some insight to what the heavy weights really use back stage! From Maybelline great lash mascara to KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray we will be catwalk ready in no time 🙂

5. They had tweed, chalkboard nails and next to come is the Ciaté Shell Manicure.  Available in three different looks including ‘She Sells Sea Shells’, ‘Mermaid You Look’ and ‘Wish Upon a Starfish’ simply put on top of a base coat and seal. Not available until May and will be stocked in Selfridges. Will you ‘shell out’ £20 for a shell finish? :/ ahem…..

And that is our round up for this week, have a fantastic Easter!

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