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This post is long overdue, but I guess, better late than never!

I attended the Irish fashion Awards 2011 a couple of weeks ago to celebrate the best of Irish Talent in the Fashion Industry. It was a great night, I was greeted with complimentary West Coast Coolers on arrival and there were some nibbles making the rounds too.

Everybody made an effort to look the part and there were beautiful dresses, coifed tresses and lovely lashes and lips on display.

Faye Dinsmore Fashion Awards

Faye Dinsmore on stage at the Fashion Awards

Maria Fusco, Paolo Borza and Deirdre Morrissey

I got the opportunity to speak with Faye at the end of the awards. She is a truly lovely person, really warm and spoke to many people there and patiently posed in countless photographs. I asked her what the key to her success was and she said she thinks that it is because she is passionate about what she does and enjoys it.

Here is some information from her blog on why she came up with the awards:

“Perhaps my eyes are only half open, but in most of my time working between Paris, London and elsewhere, I seem to be only one of a small handful of Irish in fashion. Of course, there is no doubt that there are some amazing Irish involved in fashion abroad. But in my mind there should be so much more. Arts and culture are perhaps our greatest strength as a nation. Being creative is in our culture. For example, disproportionately more of our authors are known the world over as compared to perhaps any other nation. But that too should be the case for Irish designers, stylists, photographers and all those involved in fashion.

Admittedly, as a moderately successful 23 year old model, I can’t do very much, but at the very least I can do a little. These awards are my little contribution to fashion in Ireland, creating another window onto Ireland to share with the world. I feel it’s important to reach back to Ireland and try to connect my peers into the world I’ve stepped into. The many incredible international judges we’ll be announcing over the coming weeks are very much part of this effort. It’s only year one, but hopefully it’s the start of something that will grow in the years to come.”

A big congratulations to Zoe Clark for winning Make-up Artist of the Year! I got to assist her eleven years ago when I was only sixteen! (I know I shouldn’t be giving my age away!)

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