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I was kindly invited into the bodyshop recently to experience some of their products with a facial and mini make-over. I arrived a little bit tired, because the night before I was at a cast and crew screening of a film that I was Make-up Designer for (more to come of that later).

I was introduced to my lovely consultant Lindsay who promptly set about cleansing my face. She took my make-up off with the gentle camomile eye-makeup remover, which I have to say was gorgeous on the skin. I can be a little bit sensitive around the eyes and this was actually lovely and refreshing, no sting at all. I am raging, as I was given a bottle of this recently on a course in London, but I actually gave it to my taxi driver (along with a whole host of other makeup) because I couldn’t fit it in my bag for the flight. The stitching at the seems of my bag were under so much pressure they had started to split and I didn’t want my whole bag to burst on the conveyor belt.

She cleansed, toned and moisturised my skin with the whole Vitamin E product range, which is so lovely on the skin. It is a creamy consistency and helps to boost the skin with antioxidants bringing it back to its optimum moisture level.


Then Lindsay applied the Warming Mineral Mask  which is suitable for all skin types and warms on contact with wet skin. I was surprised at how hot this got, it really felt like like she had put a steaming hot cloth on my face. It was really pleasant feeling and when she took the mask off I really felt like my skin had a very deep clean.

The mask was taken off with a facial buffer, something I had not used before. It helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates skin microcirculation. I genuinely felt like my skin had just had a strong session of microdermabrasion after this facial, except without the redness! My skin looked glowing and refreshed.


After the facial was completed Lindsay then offered to give me a mini makeover. I had already mentioned that I am a professional make-up artist, but she wasn’t fazed by this. We decided to go for something a little different and opted for some purples and blues. She used some of the shimmer cubes, which I am already a great fan of and paired this with a purple liquid liner. Excuse the silly photograph, I was trying to show the eyes 🙂


All the best

Emma xx

PS If you live in the UK you can get a discount on some bodyshop products if you purchase through this link:


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