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The 515 Chemicals we put on our bodies everyday

By March 15, 2012Green Spotlight

The Truth About Beauty Blog shared an old Daily Mail article about the chemicals that are in our beauty products. It kind of reiterates the point that I was trying to make in What’s in our Makeup? That we are using a lot of products that have tiny tiny amounts of chemicals, but that this has to eventually add up. Well it seems like the company Bioson have done some of the maths for us:

Chemicals in Makeup

Worryingly a lot of the ingredients seem to cause hormonal disruption, which can cause a whole host of problems in us ladies including cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders when pregnant.

If you are trying to eliminate any of these toxins from your beauty regimen, try your local health food store for greener alternatives or online at Evergreen.

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