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Sigma – Premium Professional Kit – Brush Set Review

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Last week I spoke about the Sigma Make Me Classy Brush Set and I mentioned that it would be great for people starting out as make-up artists. Well this is another great set from Sigma, which also includes a lip brush this time. It costs about €125 including shipping to Ireland which is fantastic value!

sigma brushes-premium professional kit

Again the quality of the brushes is superb so I don’t think I need to harp on about it too much…



Lip – L05 Compact synthetic lip brush protected by a metal cap. Used for application of lip products such as lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balms.

Small Eye Liner – E10 Delivers a precise fine-line along the lash line. The length and density of the bristles are ideal for creating artistic designs.

Flat Definer – E15 Small, firm, and flat brush which  think is great for applying eyeshadow underneath the bottom lash line to create an eyeliner effect for small eyes.

Short Shader – E20 Flat, short, slightly rounded and dense brush. This is great for applying eyeshadow underneath the bottom lashline too, but for a more smokier effect. Also great for smudging pencil liner.

Blending – E25 Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. This is absolutely beautiful at blending eyeshadow, it has enough density to move the product but not too much to ruin the smokiness. It is very similar to the MAC 217

Tapered Blending – E35 Fluffy, long-bristled brush with tapered tip. Softly softly another great blending brush.

Small Tapered Blending – E45 Small domed brush with highly tapered tip. Versatile, this brush can be used to precisely apply and blend intense colors to the crease area.

Large Fluff – E50 Nice big fluffy brush for applying base eyeshadows or for contouring/highlighting.


Powder/Blush – F10 Medium round brush with soft and natural bristles. Ideal for precise blush application.

Duo Fibre Powder/Blush – F15 Medium size tapered duo fibre brush. I think this is great for blusher because of the roundess of the edges.

Large Powder – F20 Large paddle-shaped brush with fluffy and rounded tip. Beautifully soft powder brush, does what it says on the tin.

Tapered Face – F25 Large domed brush with tapered tip. Ideal for application and blending of powder products, blush, and highlighter.

Tapered Highlighter – F35 Tapered cheek highlighter. Great for adding small details of highlight or powdering hard to reach areas, like around the nose or under the eyes.

Large Concealer – F65 Large synthetic concealer brush. Can be used to apply cream-based products to large areas. Also ideal for application of liquid or cream blushes.

Concealer – F75 Small synthetic concealer brush. Slightly pointed tip allows for perfect and precise application of cream products in small and defined areas.