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sure pic collage

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the Sure Maximum Protection event which was held at Platinum Pilates studios in Sandymount.

When I arrived at the Platinum studios to take part in the Platinum Barre class that was scheduled by Sure. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. Being a person that had never taken a yoga or Pilates class before in my life, the thought of the unknown was nerve racking.

My nerves were soon put to ease when I walked into the calming surrounding of the studios, and of course meeting the outgoing friendly staff.

When we were brought into the room it was definitely an experience, seeing the ballet barres in the room brought me back to my childhood and pretending I was a ballerina teehee :-).Before we started the class we all had the chance to get our Polaroid pic taken (shake it like a Polaroid picture:-D) and refresh ourselves with the Sure Maximum Protection (let me tell ya it was deffo put to the test)

Once the class started everything got a bit more relaxed, with music playing and everyone singing along to Taylor Swift Shake It Of we very quickly felt the burn (well I certainly did :-/).I have to say even though I was terribly nervous about the class all in all I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience provided by Sure and the studios (even if my legs are still a little shaky) :-)!

A huge thanks to Platinum Pilates studios for making me feel the burn, make sure you check out their classes at one of the 3 locations.

A massive thank you to Sure for the event they held today and for keeping me smelling fresh while being a sweaty mess:-).


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