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Solutions to common problems.


A lot of us would have the same kind of problems when it comes to makeup, but have no fear the EFCreative studios are here to help!

With that said why not go through some of the most common problems and give you some helpful advice on how to conquer them.

Lets start with the eyes, I hear a lot of people saying that there eye shadow isn’t staying put or its creasing (of course you would have a major issue with that). Nobody wants to spend so much time applying some gorgeous eye makeup to have it look terrible half way through your night out. Prime the lids ladies! I know you wouldn’t think it but we have oils on our lids that will eat away at eye shadows (when not primed). A good base to use is a MAC paint pot, it will help your shadows stay and also helps with the colour pay off.  A cheaper alternative would be the Maybelline Colour Tattoo.

Foundation is flaking or moving around your skin. A lot of the times you are not prepping the skin correctly. Make sure you know your face, are you oily, dry or combination? If you are dry you really need to prep the skin with a good moisturiser and also a good primer this will act as a barrier on your face so that it doesn’t absorb all of the foundation. If your oily you really want to make sure that you are using a good mattifying primer and foundation, you don’t need anything with a dewy finish as it will just slide of your face. The main key is make sure your using the right foundation for your skin, don’t be afraid to ask at the counter and explain your skin type. Always remember they are there to help.

Concealer is sitting in your fine lines making them more visible. Not to worry just remember to keep a few things in mind when it comes to your concealer. Even though many people think that to cover discoloration you need to lob on the product, this is actually not true and this could be the cause of your problem. If your trying to fight discoloration under the eye try using a colour corrector before applying your concealer as well as a moisturiser for the under eye before applying your makeup. Always remember less can be more. Be more light handed with your concealer and make sure you powder lightly after application.

Well I hope that helped you out a bit and you keep all of our helpful tips in mind. If all else fails you can always call into us at the studios for either a lesson or makeup application, it is on E35 after all 🙂

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