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School Makeup
Hey, my name is Brianna and I’m new to the EF Creative Blog!

I’ve just started work experience here at the Emma Farrell Creative Studios, and another thing that I’ve just started is, you’ve guessed it, school. I know what you’re thinking, I know so many of you can probably relate: School equals early mornings, long, boring classes, too much homework, misunderstanding teachers and in the majority of cases in Irish schools, NO MAKE UP.

Just last year, my school introduced what was supposed to be a strict no make-up rule. After a year or two of being free to wear whatever we wanted on our faces, for a lot of us girls, this restriction was a new struggle, another annoyance to add to our list of things we were dreading about going back to school. I mean, we just couldn’t see the logic? Okay, we understood that foundation caked faces and spidery lashes didn’t exactly give out the best image of the school, but for the majority of us, a few coats of mascara and some concealer to cover up the nasty spots we ALL get as teenagers (I mean, didn’t teachers get those too?) was the max make up that we wore. A little mascara wasn’t going to prevent us from learning about the world war or doing some algebra equations. It didn’t do any harm really and taking away our makeup meant a major confidence drop for lots of girls, especially being in a mixed school. Another aspect of our individuality had been stolen. Same uniform, same faces, same old, same old. We couldn’t use make up to stand out and be confident anymore. So, we had to find another way to wear our makeup, without being caught, because aren’t rules like this made to be broken? I created this quick, affordable and natural look that will work really well for students like me, because I know that something we don’t have a lot of is time and money! All of the products are very inexpensive and this enhancing look takes only about ten to fifteen minutes to do.

Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB CreamFACE:

For my base, I used a The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream.
I don’t bother contouring or anything for school. It’s hard to find the time to and I don’t think I need to. Remember, this look is natural. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the foundation should blend in well with your skin and just cover, not change the colour!
This BB cream did just that. It left me with a clear, light, fresh cover that didn’t look unnatural or caked on. The foundation is in my opinion, a steal at just €13.50, and also felt really nice on the skin. You only need one layer of foundation at the most and if you are happy with your skin and don’t have any blemishes or spots you’re insecure about, feel free to skip this step and really keep your face as natural as possible.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

One step I never ever skip is my brows. For this look, I used the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil, which is only €4.65 and comes in three different shades. The trick to keeping your brows natural? DON’T draw them on. Use short little brush strokes in the direction of the hair growth when you’re filling them in. Avoid sharp edges and lines, keep with your natural shape and don’t over draw them. Use a shade that’s close to or a little bit darker than your hair colour. Remember, what you don’t want is massive, black tadpoles swimming over your eyes. You’re eyebrows shouldn’t crazily stand out! Then a teacher will definitely notice them, as will everyone else!


My favourite part of my make up to do is my eyes. It’s the easiest way to wake up your face, and a step I personally wouldn’t skip. For school, I do a very simple yet effective look. I used the The Body Shop Colour Crush eye shadow in the shade Gold Rosemance. For me, my school eye makeup is all about making my peepers looking bigger and brighter. This shimmery, creamy colour really brightened up my eyes and really made the blue colour of them pop, which was exactly what I wanted it to do, especially since I really need to look awake on a school morning. I was really impressed by how gorgeous yet natural the shadow looked. Another advantage? It only cost €8.74.
I left it there for eye shadow in order to keep the look as quick and simple as possible.
I then applied the NYC City Proof Buildable Mascara in the shade Black. A few coats of this instantly lengthened my lashes and opened my eyes up even further. The product was easy to apply and cost just €4.36.
Et voilá, your eye make-up will be completely unnoticeable to teacher’s beady eyes, but your eyes will totally benefit!

MeMeMe Lipgloss Pink Champagne

I used the Me Me Me Lip Glaze Rich Colour Luxury Lipgloss in the shade 03 Pink Champagne. This gloss was perfect for school. It’s a gorgeous, fresh, glossy pink colour, and is very natural, yet enhances your lips perfectly. It only cost €8.95 and the small packaging means you can bring it to school and top your lips up throughout the day.

It really is as simple as that! I’ve been using this makeup look for school for a while now and I’ve never been given out to or told to take it off. This look is quick, easy, natural and enhancing, and really gives me the confidence boost I need to get through a day at school. I hope this really helped some students out there who can relate. Remember, the key is to keep it all very natural. I hoped you enjoyed this post from my point of view, and feel free to leave any feedback you’d like, or let me know if you’d like to read more from me!

Brianna x

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