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Salt Therapy

The fantastic weather has been great for my mood, skin and general well being, but unfortunately has really been affecting my sinus and hay fever. As I am not a fan of medication, I posted to facebook looking for some natural alternatives to antihistamines and decongestants and was surprised with the amount of remedies available. One such suggestion was the salt rooms and when my friend told me that there was one on a Living Social Deal, I knew there was no excuse to not try it out! The said living social deal was only €15 for a 40 minute session, which is based in among Lemon’s Beauty Salon on the Clontarf Rd.

Salt Therapy Clontarf
When I first arrived I was really unimpressed with the facilities. It just looked like four office chairs plonked in a nightclubesque (because of the lighting)  room with salt in it. I was just pointed in the direction of a chair and left alone to sit there while relaxing music played on the sound system and the overhead LEDs twinkled.  I had planned on doing some reading while I was there, but because of the bad lighting and the fact that salt was being blown into the room, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Don’t ask me what I was thinking 🙂 Anyway, when I sat back and closed my eyes it was really relaxing and I think I may have even nodded off. I did get a bit cold, as the weather outside was lovely I was wearing flipflops and no jumper, so I did have to rob some of the blankets from the other chairs.

When it was over I was sitting there for about 5 minutes wondering if the lady was going to come back into me or whether I would just leave. In the end I just let myself out and she was there at reception, so I guess that is what you are supposed to do. I really enjoyed the relaxation and my nose most definitely was clear which is great. I also noticed straight after that it had brought alot of impurities like black heads to the surface and the next day alot of my spots had cleared up, so from that perspective I was delighted! Also I had been quite sick with a cough recently and it was still lingering around, but it seems to have cleared up too, which I am really impressed with!

I do see it as something you would probably have to do quite regularly, so I am not sure about the usual price of €35 it is a little much for what it is, I would probably pay that if the surroundings were a bit more luxurious and if it felt more like a treatment then just sitting in a salty room on an office chair with salty air blowing around you 🙂 However I would go back and get it done again as I do think it really works.

Have you done the salt therapy? What did you think of it?

Lots of Love,


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