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Salon Review: Penrose Beauty

CND-Shellac Dublin

I have been getting Shellac on my nails ever since it was introduced to Ireland a couple of years ago. Initially I used to go to the same salon every few weeks, but unfortunately the nail specialist that I went to, fell prey to the appeal of Australia and I was left to seek out a replacement for my nail needs.

Unfortunately this hunt landed me disappointment after disappointment. I discovered that not all salons were equal. The first place I tried was Bushra’s Beauty Salon in St.Stephens Green. It was an utter disaster. The nails started to chip and peel after two days. I went back to get them fixed and instead of taking them off and starting again, they added extra layers on which meant that I left with thick nails, that came off in chunks a couple of days later. So my nails after two visits didn’t even last one week.

The second place that I tried was Nahm Beauty Salon, my first impression of this salon was great. It is really clean and beautifully decorated, I was really hopefully that their standard of work would be alot higher, especially because they were charging alot more for the 2 week manicure than I was used to (they use another brand – not Shellac). I was definitely wrong as the nails were really sloppily done. I always go for French Manicure and the whites were not done cleanly, the lines were uneven and crooked. When I got home I had to clean up all the white that was on my fingers and underneath my nails, so was not happy.

penrose beauty salon
The third place that I tried was Penrose Beauty Salon. Finally my search was over!! This is a tiny salon that is tucked away in a mostly residential area in Grand Canal Area, near the Google Headquarters. Ying the salon owner is a lovely person, but most importantly she is really talented and very professional. It was the fist time that I had my nails done by someone who skillfully did everything in one go without having to make corrections to the white, I was really impressed. However I didn’t want to get too excited and waited 2 weeks before judging the quality of the nails. I was delighted with the results. I have been back on countless occasions and I am delighted to say that I will be returning again and again. I usually get about 4 weeks out of my Shellac nails when I go to Ying, which works out really well.

shellac nails

This is a picture of the nails after 2 weeks, you can clearly see that it is still in really good condition, bar a couple of small chips. I would definitely be able to keep this on for some time longer. I love getting a glitter top coat for extra bling!

Yong Penrose Beauty Salon

Ying is going on maternity leave for a few months, but will be back again soon, so be sure to check in with her and get your nails done. I am yet to try any of her other services, but I think I will be soon.

Counter Atmosphere: 10/10
Consultant Friendliness: 10/10
Product Application: 10/10

What about you, have you had any disasters? Is there anyone that you would recommend I go to while Ying is on maternity leave?

Let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love,


Photo courtesy of http://www.news4.ie/ and CND Nails.

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