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RIP Anna Piaggi – Style Icon

By August 7, 2012Fashion

Anna Piaggi Collage

A very sad day for the world of fashion. Anna Piaggi has died at the age of 81. The flamboyant fashionista, did things with her own unique style and charisma. She was an exciting character and always wore layer upon layer of richly patterned and textured clothes and hats. Friends with many of the biggest influencers in fashion like Franca Sozzani, Karl Lagerfeld, and Manolo Blahnik, this lady was in good company. She contributed to countless magazines including Vogue Italia, La Settimana Incom, Epoca, Linea Italiana, Annabella, Panorama, L’Espresso and Arianna. She always had her finger on the pulse of what was hot in fashion and could often be found in the front row of all the biggest shows.

Her penchant for layering clothes with different colours and patterns all mixed together was one thing, but what I loved the most was her unique blue hair and over the top make-up. She wore her signature style with aplomb even in to her eighties! This is exactly how I hope to be, still wearing make-up and having a bit of style even as I age, some might call it ageing disgracefully, but not me…I love it! RIP Anna Piaggi the style icon.

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