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Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil

So far this summer we’ve been pretty lucky with weather. With sunny days appearing from nowhere we have to be prepared for weather appropriate clothing and what better way to be prepared than incorporating a quick and easy tanning regime. I hate fuss and am probably the laziest tanner in the world so anything that is minimum effort with maximum affect makes me a very happy girl. So when trying out Tan Organic’s self tanning oil I was excited about a few things, firstly the fact that they are an Irish brand, how simple it was to use and the organic nature of the product!

If you weren’t aware 64% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream which is actually pretty scary due to the amount of products on the market out there full of chemicals. Thankfully this is not one of them!

Tan organic’s oil tan is the first of its kind on the natural tan market, containing a mixture of both totally organic ingredients as well as a blend of 9 unique nourishing oils, including Argan, Borage, Rosehip, Macadamia , Orange Peel, Avacado, Jojoba seed , Hemp seed and Sweet Almond oils. Big tick for active ingredients! I decided to go ahead and rub in with my hands and wash them directly after. This was the first time I actually managed to reach all the hard to get spots around my back and shoulders. Another big tick. Usually the back is only done with the help of my boyfriend or anyone unlucky enough to be home at the time which can become quite stressful – ‘you’re not spreading it evenly enough!!!’. The only issue is that because it is colourless you have to be fairly careful and ensure you’ve gotten everywhere  but on the upside there is no awful tan smell. Another tick. It says it takes about 6-8 hours for the colour to fully come up but I think I got results in about 6. When it did develop I was really really impressed. I was left with a beautiful deep and natural colour that thankfully was not only even but I had managed not to miss any spots.

All in all I was really very impressed and it covered all bases for a false tan. The colour fabulous but it also lasted any longer than any tan I’ve ever used – easily a week! When it did fade it did came off very evenly and just became less brown as opposed to leaving patches of tan. There was an all over natural fade.

All in all I’d highly recommend this and can’t imagine going back to using anything else to be honest!

If you want to grab a bottle for yourself Tan Organic self tanning oil is available in pharmacies nationwide , I promise you won’t regret it!

As always please let us know your thoughts! what do you use to fake it?!

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