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Review :QOD 16 Week Organic Blow Dry Treatment

QOD hair treatment


First there was the 12 week blowdry , now QOD introduce the next quest for taming the frizz – the organic 16 week blow dry (QOD –stands for Quailty Organic De-Frizzer). The celebrity favored treatment tames to softenen and smooth even the frizziest of locks giving you salon like hair with minimum effort and here in Ireland the lovely Leanne Woodfull has agreed to be the face of the brand.

The QOD Gold Brazilian Blow Dry combines natural ingredients such as keratin and 15 Amino Acids making it the only product in Ireland to have passed strict HSE guidelines and be certified 100% formaldehyde free.

This product is keratin based and claims to be void of harsh, strong chemicals that have been traditionally used to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to reduce curls and de-frizz hair claiming that “Your one hour blow drying ordeal is turned into a 10 minute pleasure”

So how does this work? As with any traditional treatment your hair is first washed and cleaned of any impurities then the QOD treatment is put in, your hair dried and the hair straightened with an irons to seal it in. It is strongly recommended that the treatment is left in for a minimum of 24 hours (hair must not get wet while the treatment is in the hair) to achieve the full benefit and then washed out with the QOD sodium chloride free aftercare shampoo and deep conditioner. They do recommended to get the treatment prior to colouring as it may lighten colour by one shade. I think essentially this product is for perfect for those who have damaged their hair through colouring or styling and need a complete conditioning treatment. Oh and did I mention…it’s suitable for pregnant women 🙂

The QOD treatment starts at €100 and is available in Gillian Edgeworth Salon at Cows Lane (where they held a lovely launch night – thank you ladies 🙂 )

Have any of you ever had any of these taming treatments done? What do you think?!

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