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Review – Lancome Grandiose

Lancome Grandiose mascara

With such a huge choice when it comes to mascara it can be hard to pick the one for you. So when something new and a little different comes to the market it is hard to resist giving it a go, particularly if you are still searching for the holy grail of mascaras 🙂

When Lancome Grandiose arrived on my desk the other day I was intrigued by the unusually shaped mascara wand and immediately thought, this is either a stroke of genius or a huge marketing ploy. If we are going by first impressions visually I loved it. The tube is very different with a gorgeous glass effect finish – 10 points for design! Lancome Hypnose Drama is a staple in my kit and has set the bar for many mascaras so I was interested to see if Grandoise could live up to Lancome’s excellent reputation.

The first difference and the unique selling point of this mascara is the trademarked “swan neck”. Initially I was a little dubious and thought perhaps this was another gimmick to add to the list but the bend has the effect of making the wand feel a lot sturdier and more controllable. It seems to bring the bristles closer to your eyes without the handle of the wand getting in the way. It brought my lashes outwards without any effort and gave an overall winged look after application. The wand has been designed with the swan-neck because it makes it easier to apply mascara to each “type” of lash – with a little turn of the wand, you can reach the inner lashes more easily, or you can change the angle slightly and reach the lower lashes. The wand is also supposed to make it simpler to do your “other eye” (the one that’s not on the same side as the hand you’re using) and to cross the wand over your nose.

Finally the fluid itself did not disappoint either, it reminded me of the Hypnose Drama except much thicker. It gives good length and volume to the lashes. My lashes haven’t looked this luscious in a while! It wore well, except on one particularly hot day -yes we are having a great summer aren’t we?! All in all, I think it is a winner and is another Lancome mascara I will give two big thumbs up to.

What is your favourite mascara and could you be swayed to try this?

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  • Samantha Lo says:

    Hello Emma,
    Thank you for the informative review. I'm actually really tempted to get this because of the innovative design and that cute little rose on the cap. Would you actually recommend this for people like me who have sparse eyelashes? Also, did it clump at all?

    Cheers 🙂


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