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Real Brides: Laura Hegarty – A Porcelain Beauty

Natural Bridal Make-up Winter

I did the make-up for the lovely Laura recently. I think you will agree with me when I say she has the most beautiful skin! So porcelain and flawless.

Individual Eyelash Application for Wedding

We decided to go for a very natural but sculpted eye, something that is classic and timeless. Of course I wanted to still accentuate here eyes as much as possible without looking to heavy, so we opted for individual eyelashes. These are so popular with brides, because they give a natural accent, without the heaviness of a full strip lash.

Bridal Makeup Artist Dublin

I also defined the eye further with some black eyeliner on the top lashline and good helping of mascara. Underneath the eye, I used a cream pencil to open her eyes. I also worked in a brown eyeshadow into the bottom lashline as a softer alternative to brown eyeliner.

Natural Rose Bridal Lipstick Colour

Laura has quite a strong lip colour naturally so we actually toned it down with a lighter lipstick. It made for a gorgeous pink rose tint on her lips. On her cheeks we went for a hint of colour with a light sweep of a pink, to tie in with her lips and the overall palette.

Photographer: Claire Wilson from Ginger Pixel
Hairdresser: Michelle Grimes
Make-up: Emma Farrell

What do you think of this look? It is classic bridal  isn’t it?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Lots of love,


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