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Real Brides: Dawn O’Brien

I had the pleasure of doing Dawn’s make-up on the 16th May 2011 in Cabra Castle. She absolutely loves the colour purple, so was pretty sure that she wanted to go with pinks and purples for her make-up too. This worked really well on her as she has green eyes, so it really made her eyes glow!

We were supposed to cover her tattoo on her arm, but in the end she decided not to bother because it is a part of her…I think I would probably be the same if I had a tattoo, sure it is part of you! I would be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this. Would you cover your tattoo? If yes, why?

Bride: Dawn O’Brien
Photographer: Michael Crean @ Crean Photo
Make-Up: Emma Farrell @ Bridal Makeup
Venue: Cabra Castle


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  • TheMakeupGal says:

    I personally don’t have any tattoos, I think I have commitment issues! but I reckon if you do have tattoos, then as you say Emma, it’s part of you, part of your uniqueness and I’d imagine you’d be proud of it and want it to be seen.  What do you reckon to a bride asking a bridesmaid to cover tattoos, because a bride doesn’t like tattoos, it’s a part of the bridesmaid’s identity but it is the brides day after all??   BTW: Your Client Dawn has amazing eyes, really striking!!

  • Emma Farrell says:

    Ooh, I have never encountered a bride wanting someone else’s tattoo covered…that is an interesting one. I think that it is part of the person and if you love them for who they are then you will want the tattoo too 🙂 I have had bridesmaids take piercings out for the day and they didn’t seem to mind. I have a piercing under my lip and I certainly wouldn’t mind and if I had a tattoo I wouldn’t mind covering it if the bride wanted…as you say it is all about them so they can be as demanding as they like haha! 

    Yeh Dawn has gorgeous eyes! 

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