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Finalist of the Professional Beauty Makeup Specialist of the Year 2013

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Hi Everyone!

Ok so I have pretty much dropped off the face of the earth on the social media front and I apologise!! I love writing this blog and miss it when I get really busy with my day job, which is of course make-up. I have just been insanely busy of late, burning the midnight oil trying to cope with all the work.

Also I am not sure if you heard or not (I did mention it on twitter and facebook) but I entered the Professional Beauty Great Britain and Ireland Make-up Specialist of the Year 2013. I was absolutely delighted to be informed that I made the final!!

I thought I would share my experience here seeing as so many people encouraged me on facebook, which was really lovely! Thank you so much and it meant alot to me. I just hope that I have done you proud. I travelled to London last week to compete. I had to come up with a design for Spring/Summer 2013. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures, but maybe I will recreate the look if you would like me to.

So basically when I arrived I had to set up and got an opportunity to meet the other contestants, who were all really lovely and very talented make-up artists! It was great because we all had such different backrounds, from airbrush specialist, vintage make-up to bridal and retail make-up artists. Then the models arrived and we had an hour to complete our look. My model was called Boa and she was a beautiful girl of Japanese origin. She had very dry skin on her cheeks and an oily t-zone so I really had to prep her skin well and choose my foundations carefully. Also with her eyeshape I had to be careful to not close her eyes, but rather make them look bigger. I was glad to have six years experience in make-up under my belt as it meant that I wasn’t daunted but actually enjoyed the challenge. In the end Boa was delighted with her look and even found me later after the competition to tell me that someone had actually stopped her in the hall to compliment her on her make-up! That was lovely and certainly boosted my confidence!!

After the practical part of the competition, we had to meet with the judges to discuss our looks, work history and what we plan to do in the future. I brought along my portfolio, cv and mood board to help me talk about something as I am terrible for waffling when I am nervous. I was delighted and intimidated to meet the judges of the competition who were Daniel Sandler, Justine Westwood and Antonia Hawke. They are all top of their fields and very inspirational people to meet.

Daniel Sandler Make-up ArtistDaniel Sandler is a famous British Make-up Artist who’s work can be seen on TV and in magazines. He has been a makeup artist and expert in his field for over 25 years and has worked with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Yasmin Le Bon. It was incredible to meet him and I was delighted that he was so nice! He asked me lots of questions about my work and really put my nerves at ease. He also has his own make-up brand called Daniel Sandler cosmetics. I am yet to try any of his products, but I have heard that is watercolour blushes are amazing, so I am definitely going to buy them and try it out. If you would like to do the same you can check out his website here: Daniel Sandler Cosmetics Online.

Justine Westwood was another judge who has had an amazing career as television costume and make-up artist for the last 23 years. She was head of the ITV make-up and costume department for 17 years and during this time would have worked with every big name in the industry. I read in an interview with her about another awards that she judged that she thought that speed was important. I finished with time to spare, so hopefully she was happy with that. She also said that she thought that I had really stuck to my design on my mood board and that you could really see the transition from that to my models face very clearly…fingers crossed that is a good thing 🙂

Antonia Hawke Make-up ArtistAntonia Hawke was the other make-up artist who judged our looks. She is owner of the fantastic Pro Make-up Shop where you can get everything you need to do make-up in a hygienic professional manner. I am sure that she was a bit horrified when she saw my kit. I knew my kit was clean as I had only done a good scrub of everything a couple of days prior. However what I didn’t realise was that everything had got completely thrown around on the flight and loads of blushers and eyeshadows had broken. It was only when I opened everything to get started that I saw this! However apart from that I did my usual way of applying make-up, ensuring I didn’t double dip, using disposable mascara wands and a metal palette for dispensing products so fingers crossed that was noticed. I thought she was lovely too and gave some good feedback and advice. I liked that she felt as a make-up artist it wasn’t actually necessary to specialise in one type of make-up. I had been told to specialise for years, but just didn’t know how to do this, it was reassuring to hear from her that she didn’t think it was a must!

So it was a great experience and now I have to sit and wait until February to hear the results! Wish me luck. Even if I don’t win, it was fantastic to take part and I guess there is always next year!

Lots of love,


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