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Product Review: Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel

merumaya skin brightening

Hello to All!

As we all know…… (and are repeatedly chastised for 🙂 ) when it comes to getting the full benefit of a beauty regime, exfoliating is one of the key actions necessary to see a clearer, healthier looking complexion. It unblocks our pores, removes any dead layers of skin and gives an face an over all polish!

I am already a huge fan of the Merumaya cleansing balm and range so I was really looking forward to trying this product.

This is not exactly a peel in the traditional sense but more a mask (as in you have to wash back off again!).

The gel formulation glides onto the skin and the fragrance is really pleasant – Above all one of the things I love the most about Merumaya products is the smell – It’s really a luxurious fragrance which makes the experience and for most part monotonous routine really something to look forward to.  With this product I experienced a little tingling on my skin and once washed it off after roughly about ten minutes it feels smooth and looks radiant. This definitely does what it says on the tin and it is sensitive enough to use twice a week as part of your weekly regime!

All of the Merumaya range are available in Arnotts with products within it starting at €12.50.

As always please comment below as would love know your thoughts!

Do you have a favourite peel or exfoliator? Is it something you do religiously?


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