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Product Post: Clarins Loose Mineral Powder

Clarins Mineral Loose Powder

I was sent the spring collection from Clarins, which I have been testing out for the last week or so. Although I love everything, there was one product that I really want to talk about.  I do alot of wedding make-up and in the course of my work I encounter lots of different skin types. Often mother’s of the bride will have mature, somewhat dry skin that needs nourishment and care when applying makeup. So usually what we as make-up artists will try and do is add moisturiser, primer and a hydrating plumping foundation. This is perfect and does the job of helping to smooth out skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines whilst covering the obvious signs of aging like age spots, thread veins and discolouration. However with some moms, they do have the propensity to get hot and bothered on the day. So the extra stress paired with the lovely plumping hydrating foundation can end up in a bit of a mess. So in comes powder. Clarins Loose Powder Swatch

We know we have to use a powder, but traditional blotting powders can be to drying and other powders can accentuate wrinkles. So this is where a loose powder comes in. I light dusting over the face will help to combat any shine and keep the makeup on from the early hours until bed time.

I have been testing out this Loose Mineral Powder and I am delighted at it’s ultra fine lightweight finish.  It is described by Clarins as a soft, comfortable texture which protects the skin against dehydration and maintains its suppleness all day long. I think this description is spot on.

I love Clarins products as they are always superior in quality, the packaging is always really pretty and of late they have been making really pretty 3D and coloured patterns in the pressed powder products.

What do you think of Clarins? Are you a fan of their beauty flash balm or is there another star product that you rate?

Hope to hear back from you soon.

Lots of Love,



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