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Well what a great evening we had here at the EFCStudios last night with beaut.ie and Physicians Formula!

Our wonderful studios had the honour in hosting the Physicians Formula event last night with all the wonderful beaut.ie readers 😊. The event was held to let everyone know the exciting news that Physicians Formula would now be in all Lloyds pharmacies around the country, #pfhitslloyds . With the studios full to capacity its was deffo going to be a great night! From ProperCorn, Lemonade, cupcakes and makeup you couldn’t really ask for much more!


No better way to find out about a makeup brand than to get stuck in and have a play with the products. Also with all of us here at the studios to help with niggling questions and just to inform all the lovely ladies of the ins and outs of PF, we hope they all left a little more in the know😀.

Of Course to finish up the evening there was 2 makeup demos for the ladies to watch and ask for some helpful tips and tricks and to see what PF could do!(duh)!


A massive thanks to beaut.ie, Physicians Formula, Lloyds Pharmacy and the publicity loft a great night was had by all!

BTW, if any of you gorgeous ladies that were here have some fab photos don’t forget to tag us in them @efcstudios 😀. We hope you have fun playing around with all your treats!

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