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Physicians Formula Comes to Ireland

Emma Farrell Makeup Creative Team

Wednesday was a bit of a milestone here at Emma Farrell Makeup Creative. It was the first time that the whole creative team worked together officially. It was really exciting for me and felt like a bit of an epic moment, the beginning of so much to come. I have been working successfully as a freelance makeup artist for many years now and I just felt ready to take it to the next level. Having just won U Magazine Makeup Artist of the Year, it feels like the timing couldn’t be better to start the Makeup Creative and open the studios…more to come on that really soon I promise!
Our first mission as a team of makeup aficionados was to introduce the healthy and glamorous brand,  Physicians Formula.

Non Toxic Makeup

A main stay on the American market for over 75 years, the brand is phenomenally successful.  One in every two bronzers sold State Side is a a Physicians Formula bronzer! I love the brand because it is full of bright, shimmery textures and dark smokey liners, yet it is allergen free and kind to sensitive skin!

Glamour without Pollution

They even have an organic range, for those that would like to be kind to their skin as well as kind to nature and have only natural ingredients in their makeup.

Beauty without Chemicals

However my favourite thing about the brand is the price point. Everything is in and around the €10-€20 mark, is super good value, yet the quality of the products lives up to the higher end brands. Also they include brushes, mirrors and in some cases lights in their compacts! We will probably to some more in depth reviews on specific products down the line, so in the meantime enjoy this video from Style Nation:

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