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Physicians Formula, “it all began as a gift of love”. 78 years ago Dr. Frank Crandall an Allergist created a unique line of cosmetics for his wife who suffered with terribly sensitive skin ( you couldn’t really ask for a better gift). 78 years later there going strong and growing bigger and better.

Physicians Formula is Americas number one bronzer brand and the number one natural/organic face and eye makeup brand.  The company thrive on the fact that they don’t use any of the 100+ known skin irritants into anything they make. Their products being fragrance, paraben, gluten, and oil free, also the products are safe for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. Both dermatologists and ophthalmologist recommend Physicians Formula. Even though Physicians is made with  all the seriousness needed to produce excellent quality, it’s also made with fun which gives it the glamour for women everywhere.

With many different product lines such as Aragon wear which is made with 100% Aragon oil (or liquid gold as we like to call it) it helps improve the skins brightness, tone and texture of the skin. Organic wear which has no harsh chemicals and is 70%organic.  My favourite line is the Sexy Booster ( the name alone is brilliant). With each of the products from this line infused with a warm vanilla fragrance, who doesn’t want to walk around with their face smelling of freshly baked vanilla buns:-). Physicians claim that it’s the “1st ever line to inspire sexy self-confidence”, and with the line including ancient aphrodisiac “horny goat weed” to enhance our sexy side I think there bang on!

Make sure you check out a chemist near you for these amazing products! Also keep your eyes on our blog for our next one brand makeup look using Physicians Formula :-).


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