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So a couple of weeks ago I put up a pic on Instagram of some new Philosophy products that the  EF creative studios had the pleasure in receiving!:-) Well I eventually got a bit of time to relax and try them out!

To say I was delighted would be an understatement! It was perfect timing for me to prepare myself for the L’Oreal brush contest over in London.
All of the products are amazing, but I have two ultimate products that I just can’t get enough of!
The first one being the Micro delivery-tripleacid brightening peel. I felt like I needed something to brighten up my face( as all of us do from time to time). With this box you get 12 individually pre-wrapped and pre-soaked chemical pads. I was pleasantly surprised because it did exactly what it said on the box, it claims to get rid of layers of dead skin from your face which gives you a more even complexion, reduces dark spots and gives a refreshed bright look. For me personally I feel like it achieved the above, I noticed that my skin looked more alive and even with a brightness to it  (who knew a small pad could do so much!)
The second stand out product was the Present which is a primer. I was so amazed by this primer, it  helped with the staying power of my makeup from morning right through till night. It really did give me a lovely silky finish. This would be a product I would deffo re-purchase! The best thing is that there is so much product in each bottle!

Well if you’re feeling that you’re skin is a little lifeless looking and you think it could do with some TLC then make sure you give Philosophy a try, I highly recommend it! 🙂

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