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3D manicure box

Hello lovelies…

I’ll begin this post with letting you know that our Orlaith loves a good bargain 🙂 so whilst sauntering through the aisles of her beloved Penneys the other day she came across this little set and as we all do when sucked into the Penneys vortex said to herself ‘sure it’s only €3.50’ and promptly popped into the basket.

There were a couple of different colours on offer. Each one containing the base coat, a bottle of candy coloured  balls and a small funnel to pour the excess back into it (very thoughtful! 🙂 )

With instructions on the back it wasn’t very difficult to get started – two base coats and following the second pour the balls over each nail, pressing into lightly, wait to dry and voila! 3D nails! 🙂

3D manicure hand

I was actually shocked at how well they worked, with a really cool effect. Unfortunately the effect is not designed for longevity, to say I got a whole day out of them would not be entirely accurate. The balls got caught in various items of clothing, hair, washed off whilst shampooing! 🙂

I really wanted to love these and I don’t quite want to give up yet – The lack of top coat may have been an element here….

Has anyone tried any products similar  to this or do you have any tips for me?! 🙂

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