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With wedding season in full swing and my fair share to attend I have started to put some very quick checklists together to ensure that nothing gets left behind on my way out the door. These days weddings are no longer made to fit a mold nor as traditional as they used to be. People’s personalities are allowed to break through and create a day that is individual to them, this means that for many the comfort of a hotel is no longer always part of the picture. From glamping to self catering houses on a country estate here’s a checklist for those things you might not necessarily think of when grabbing your deodorant as you make sure the straighteners is turned off and switch on the alarm!

We are very lucky when it comes to indoor weddings these days as it has become customary for most lovely brides to make up a basket for the bathroom comprising of most emergency beauty items you may need. However when it comes to glamping this is whole different kettle of fish. If there is anything else you can think of please let me know but I think I’ve managed to get pretty much everything in here!

So let’s start…

SUNGLASSES – these are number one for many reasons, not only do they shield you from the sun but hide a multitude the day after when you are crawling from your tent in search of water.

Umbrella 🙁 sadly this might be an essential as well….


High heel protectors for when walking in grass.Bet you didn’t think of these now did you?! 🙂  Starlettos will keep you from sinking down while trying to balance your beverage.

Ipod and speakers – you want to be known as the cool tent (I’m aware that saying this makes me instantly uncool). Along with this you will need a car charger for phone and batteries if speakers require!

Clothes – bring warm clothes for the night time, think layers.

A mirror – as large as you can fit in the car 🙂

Tooth brush, tooth paste & mouthwash

Big towel

Toilet paper

Hand sanitizer

Sunscreen & lip balm

Cleanser and facecloths or facewipes if you must!


Makeup essentials for me would include – Instant light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base, a light concealer such as Clarins Instant Concealer (what can I say..I love Clarins, particularly when going for light natural makeup coverage), MAC Mineralize, Physicians Formula Magic Mosiac multi – coloured custom pressed powder – this gives a gorgeous NON SHIMMERY bronze that can be sweeped over for a gorgeous glow and then something like MAC Soft and Gentle for a highlight to finish off! Ideally we have gotten semi permanent lashes so mascara won’t be necessary but if it is something like Benefits ‘They’re Real’ mascara doesn’t budge. Seriously, they had to bring out a remover to help get it off!

Hairbrush and if it’s really fancy there might be access to a socket. In that case you can add straightener/hairdryer to the list!

Shampoo & conditioner (in the hopes that there are shower facilities, if not the next two items are pretty important 🙂 )

Baby wipes

Dry Shampoo, hair ties and clips and maybe a hat if your hair decided to get completely go out of control

Cotton buds

Bag for dirty clothes

Swimsuit…you never know!!

And Finally maybe a football or Frisbee for group games the following day….again this might trick people into thinking you’re cool.

I hope this has helped and once again I’d love to hear of anything that I may have missed!

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