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Old Age Makeup – Cnoc An Oir

Old Man Makeup Dublin

I was asked to do a last minute old age makeup for a short film called Cnoc An Oir recently. The brief was that the main characters should look 75 years old. Usually for a look like this you would have some lead time to design the makeup from scratch. I would probably have lifecast their heads and custom made silicone prosthetics. On this occasion I had half a day to prepare for the job, so literally had to come up with a design that I could do from my basic kit. I would have liked to do something more complicated, but I was working on something else at the time and of course being in Ireland couldn’t even order in any supplies as they would get here in at least a days time…too late.

I thought that the best way to age a man is to make him bald. I had an old loose bald cap in my kit that I am not sure where it came from. It was waaaay too big, so myself and my assistant Elaine had to alter it to custom fit is to his head. With a bit of crêpe hair, my trusted Skin Illustrator palette and some latex I think we did a great job of creating a realistic old age makeup.

What do you think? Have you tried to do an old age makeup like this before?

Hair and Make-up Designer: Emma Farrell Make-up
Hair and Make-up Assistant: Elaine Finnan
Director: Alexander Le Bas
Main Actor: Peter Le Bas
Main Actress: Elga Fox

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