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Oils of Life – The Body Shop

Oils Of Life Range

On Thursday last, it being a dreary evening, you know, one of those, too warm to wear a coat but too dull to be nice, I was transported all around the world at The Body Shop’s launch of their new range ‘Oils of Life’ alongside their Spas of the World range. I must say, I’m excited about this lot. The Oils of Life oils, creams and lotion all use Black Cumin Seed Oil, Camellia Seed Oil and Rosehip Seed oil. I’m a big fan of oils. The Oils of Life range is a new daily life infusing skincare range that revitalises, replenishes and revives skin as well as visibly reducing the signs of ageing.

There is an Oils of Life Facial Oil – €48,Facial Massager, €42.50, Gel Cream – €42.50, Revitalising Cream – €42.50, Essence Lotion – €25.50.  Admittedly these are higher than usual prices for The Body Shop though I have high hopes, I’d imagine the price reflects the products and ingredients are slightly higher end.  I’m a fan of their Vitamin E skincare range and I love oils.  I think it’s good that there are creams and lotions for those who don’t like oil on their skin.

I was intrigued by the facial massager, the idea is that you give your face a little massage using the oil/cream and the massage, encouraging lymph drainage to reduce puffiness and improving circulation in the skin.  The price is a little steep, if you prefer you can always use your lámha instead:)

Oils of Life Facial Massager €42.50On the evening I got chatting to lovely girl from Nepal, she and a few others were decorating hands with henna designs.  Very cool, I’d never tried it before so I had mine done.  The Body Shop will be introducing this in stores too, I don’t know how much it will be but I would definitely have it done again.

Lastly, which is awesome and super important in today’s world is the Plant a Seed programme.  When you buys any of the #oilsoflife range, The Body Shop will plant a seed, aiming to plant 1 million seeds in Cerro Blanco Protected Forest.  This alone makes me very happy to buy.

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