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Nosferatu (In 60 Seconds) Film Competition Make-Up

I was asked to do a short film for the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds Film Competition. Director Kevin de la Isla was making his version of the old black and white classic Nosferatu. I was tasked with turning actor Neil Flemming into the original bone chilling Vampire.

Neill Fleming Actor Headshot Make-Up

Neill Before

As we had very little time to do preproduction (I was brought in 3 days before we would be filming). Kevin had bought some prosthetic makeup appliances online. So all I had to do was apply these to Neill as best I could. The difficulty with shop bought prosthetics is that they don’t fit as well as ones that have been made on a lifecast of the actor.

Bald Cap Make-Up Application

Bald Cap Application

I managed to get the bald cap to fit with some difficulty…it looked ok from the front, but at the back of his head it looked like he had a bit of a third nipple haha!

Prosthetic Ear Make-Up Application

Prosthetic Ear Application

As you can see there were some very bad seems on the ears. I used a three part silicone to blend the edges.

Prosthetic Nose Make-Up Application

Prosthetic Nose Application

The nose piece was a bit uncomfortable for Neill to wear, because it didn’t fit properly condensation kept collecting in the bottom from the heat when he was breathing. We just had to be on hand with a cotton bud to absorb the excess water.

Colouring the Bald Cap Make-Up Application

Colouring the Bald Cap

Here I am stippling on a red colour to give the appearance of life under the baldcap and to hide the colour of his hair. I then airbrushed a skin colour foundation on top of this. I used an alcohol based airbrush make-up from Graftobian. It is great applies easily on top of the bald cap and lasts without touch ups.

Completed Nosferatu Make-Up

Completed Nosferatu Make-Up

This is the finished look. I don’t think it is too bad considering the time constraints that we had.  I made the nails by gluing two artificial nails together and giving them a rough sand to blend them. We stuck them on with double sided carpet tape, they kept popping off! It was a bit of fun and I look forward to seeing the finished film. I was assisted on the day by Stefania Maniscalco, thanks a million 🙂

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