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The lovely people at Nia sent us through some of there products for us to try out, so we can let are amazing followers know the ins and outs of Nia!

Nia is an all natural Irish skin care company founded by Celia O’Grady. As Celia has been a qualified beauty therapist since 1985 she really knows her stuff, and it deffo shines through in its products. Nia claims that its effective in treating the most sensitive, allergy prone skin. I know a lot of companies can claim the exact same thing, but for me trying out this brand and someone with very sensitive skin I can say that they came through on that statement. The carefully selected natural ingredients with no added perfumes mean that unless your allergic to the likes of almond oil, aloe Vera, coconut milk etc your skin really has no excuse to react badly to these products.

My favourite product that they sent through has to be the Facial Rejuvenating Mist, it’s so refreshing and for them long days sometimes you just need a little pick me up. So a big thumbs up for the mist from me!

Also don’t be worried if you think that these products are online only because there not, so many pharmacys and health shops sell these amazing products. Just pop onto the Nia website and find the closest seller to you.

One last thing I can’t forget to mention is the gorgeous name of this brand Nia in Irish means radiance.

Make sure you get a radiant glow by using Nia :-)!

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