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Natural Day Make-Up Look

I thought that I would just do a quick run through of a “Natural Day Make-Up”. Now for some people it is probably a bit much, as a make-up artist it would be the bare minimum that you would be expected to apply. I have even got a video of me applying it all, this is my first go at doing a youtube tutorial so go easy on me hehe! As with everything I’m sure it will get better with time. Well here’s hoping anyway.

So I start the video by applying my concealer which is Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in Ivory. If I am doing a day make-up I would usually apply the concealer first.

Concealing Kit

Concealing Kit

The reason for this is because I would tend to not want to apply to heavy a coverage of foundation so I would need to ensure that all the coverage of my dark under eye circles is coming from my concealer. If I am doing a night time or more dramatic look I would tend to put my concealer on after my foundation, because very often I wont need to use that much because of the thicker coverage/consistency of the foundation.

Then I apply my foundation using the MAC187 Brush:

MAC 187 Brush

MAC 187 Brush

I mix Estee Lauder Double Wear in Bone, with Rimmel Recover Foundation in Classic Beige. I darken or lighten the mixture up depending on my tan. In the depths of winter sometimes I have to resort to just using the Estee Lauder Foundation because I am so pale. That’s when I know I need to book a holiday B)

  • Rimmel Anti-Fatigue Foundation
  • Rimmel Anti-Fatigue Foundation
  • Double Wear - Bone
  • Double Wear – Bone
  • Once I have a flawless canvas then I like to apply my eye shadow I have used colours out of a deluxe eye shadow palette that I got from Estee Lauder a while ago as part of a gift with purchase. I used 39 Vanilla as a base, 53 Ginger Drop all over the eye socket and into the crease, then I used 66 Bronze Cube for definition and shading.

    Bronze Cube

    Then I used Logona Organic Black Eye Pencil on the bottom inner eyelid, for definition. If you have small eyes I would leave this step out or perhaps even line the eye with a white or skin colour pencil to widen and brighten.


    I then used the Turbolash Mascara from Estee Lauder on my top and bottom lashes. This is a pretty good mascara, the brush is a good size for me, I really like the formula and it doesn’t go clumpy…oh and did I mention it vibrates??!! I have to laugh at the reaction that I get from that…alot of inuendos of double usage…good for travelling light haha.

    I applied Blusher concentrating the colour on the apples of my cheeks and then blending out. If you aren’t sure where your “apple’s” are just have a grin and they will pop out. The blusher is Nars Super Orgasm. Do you ever get the feeling that Sex sells?? Between the mascara and the blusher you’d be havin a grand ‘ol time it seems haha.

    Then I applied a slick of Estee lauder Pure Colour Crystal Gloss in Candy

    And last and certainly not least I used a MAC brow kit powder on my eyebrows. I remember years ago that I hated pencilling in or defining my brows, I just thought it looked weird, but now I have gotten over my fear because it was drilled into me that it really helps to finish the look. I have to agree, it really helps to frame the face and give everything a polished look.

    So now that you have read what I put on my face, you can watch the video of me putting it all on.

    Enjoy xx

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