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Nars Pop Art Collection

By February 19, 2013Nars, Uncatagorized

Nars Andy Warhol Collection

Hello fellow beauty lovers!

So I am back from my whirlwind trips to London and will have some more time to get blogging again. There were just not enough hours in the day last week with weddings, tv shows, fashion shoots, awards ceremonies and a make-up competition to judge! More on all of them in other posts…

nars andy warhol portrait

I know this is a bit late in the day, but isn’t the Andy Worhol Pop Art collection from Nars absolutely gorgeous? It is on my wishlist for sure. What got me thinking about the products is this video on their Youtube page:

I love the way that brands have started to take notice of all aspects of social media and are producing informative videos, so that we can re-produce the looks from their visuals.

The Silver Factory-inspired beauty look with pops of strong blue and green really work well with the models warm skin tone. I was hoping to pick up this product when I was in London at Nars UK, but I spent waaay to much money in Charles Fox so had to be disciplined. Will post another time about what I got.

What do you think of the Nars collection? Is there anything that you fancy from it? Have you seen any good video tutorials of late that you would like to share with me?

Lots of love,


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