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Naked Canvas Bodypainting Festival

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A while ago I was asked to partake in a special Bodypainting event called Naked Canvas which was organised by Beth Marshall and Claire O’Keeffe as part of the Bray Summer Festival.

It was a great day, joining fellow artists in making beautiful creations on the human body. There were so many talented people, it was fantastic.

I was assisted by the lovely Caoimhe Arrigan on the day. We used Kryolan waterbased bodypaints.

Model: Lauren Walsh
Bodypainter: Emma Farrell
Bodypainting Assistant: Caoimhe Arrigan
Festival: Bray Summer Festival
Organisers: Beth Marshal and Claire O’Keefe
Photographer: Emma and Aine Richardson





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  • TheMakeupGal says:

    Your work is brilliant Emma!!!  I particularly love the superman, tres cool.

  • Emma Farrell says:

    Hey hun, I should have specified, that I only did the beach scene one, the superman, was another artist 🙂 Not sure who because I came to the festival straight from a wedding so I didn’t get a chance to meet the other artists and introduce myself 🙂

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