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My Dental LogoAnyone who knows me knows I have taken a lot of care of my teeth over the years. Following a few random years of braces on and off again I’ve made sure to take care of them and have invested a decent amount of money from braces to root canals in order to regain a decent smile. So, when given the opportunity to try out another dentist from my own I figured why not…it was also time for a clean which I would usually do ever six months but was bordering on eight so that and my pretty recent appreciation for red wine has made these scale and polishes far more necessary!

My Dental is based on Bath Avenue, Dublin 4. My first appointment consisted of a 3D Xray with the lovely dental assistant and then a consultation with the dentist. Both ladies were lovely and it’s nice to see a nurse dentist team that get on so well as it has the ability to put  the client completely at ease. After a quick chat I was sent on my way and advised that a treatment plan, based on our discussion, would be mailed to me within the next few days. This is a little more organised and simple that my previous dental experiences! The only issue I have with this is that something as simple as a clean wasn’t carried out on that day which means booking another appointment and taking more time from work. However, as I found out when I went back for the necessary procedures the clean was the most thorough I’ve ever had. Honestly, it took roughly half an hour but I don’t think my teeth have experienced anything like it – two very big thumbs up. The filling was done and dusted in no time and I left feeling pretty delighted with the overall experience. For the dentist, dental nurse and level of service I couldn’t rate higher. It’s a very modern and comfortable practice with fantastic attention to detail.

The only issue for me was the front of house reception I received. For someone that may be a little nervous coming in to visit the dentist I couldn’t imagine they would be put at ease as I found the receptionist quite unfriendly and a little short with me on both occasions which was unfortunate. Other than that I would highly recommend the practice itself. Teeth and cosmetic dentistry are more of a concern that ever before and I would happily put my faith in these guys for a quality service.

As always if you have any questions just comment below!

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  • Emma Farrell Mua says:

    Hey Orlaith Shore, great review! I have been there too and it is a surprisingly spacious modern practice inside, when the outside just looks like a small terrace cottage…did you think that? Sorry to hear that the receptionist let the company down. I honestly have been thinking your teeth looked much whiter lately…I wonder was it because of the clean? Must organise a visit!

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