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Textured Nails

Hello lovelies!

It is that time again, when we look at what I have been wearing on my talons! This time I tried something totally different for me. A bit of a grungy edgier look. The reason being is that I had bought these wraps for a shoot and had them lying around my handbag. The other day I noticed that my nails were all chipped and I was doing a job where there was going to be press photographers at, so I wanted to ensure my nails looked good incase they snapped me at work.

Black Nail Wraps with Bumps on them

Of course they did so I was delighted I put these on. They were really cool, got them on in about 5 minutes, which was no time at all! No downtime waiting for nails to dry, I was able to get working straight away.

As I was on the go, I didn’t apply them properly according to the instructions so low and behold, by the end of the day they were peeling off me. I would love to give these another go as they really got be out of a bind and I would be interested to see how long they last if you do follow the instructions. I bought these in Boots and they cost €8.65.

What do you think of Nail Wraps? Have you tried them yet? Do let me know how you have gotten on.

Lots of love,


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