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I went to see the film Maleficent this week.  I don’t normally go for Disney films. I think it was the images of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent that made me want to see it. She was one of the Executive Producers on the film.

Visually, I really liked it! The special effects, the forest, the floating horse fish and the three funny little pixies(or maybe they are fairies?) the threatening overgrown vines, Maleficent’s magnificent wings(though these were not in the original character),great! She reminded me at times of an old Hollywood movie star, like Joan Crawford or Ava Gardner. On screen she overshadows all the other characters. The forces of evil were toned down in this film,  if you watch the 1959 version, Maleficent is a lot more malevolent.  Afterwards I had a few thoughts and questions about this type of traditional fairy tale story and where it fits in today’s world but that’s another post!

So down to business, the costume, hair and makeup. Loved it, loved it. Angelina was born to play this role, her bone structure, her presence and command onscreen goes perfectly with the strong and dark element to her character. I stayed until the end of the film to read the credits and there’s a list as long as your arm of the makeup artists involved in working on the film. The special effects makeup artist, Rick Baker has worked alongside MAC Maleficent collection in the past designing Halloween looks. MAC have brought out a Maleficent inspired collection.  There’s a blood red lipstick and lip gloss, a desirable looking eye liner pen, the eye shadows are in colours that actually are very wearable. In the film Angelina wears prosthetics to emphasize her cheekbones, so there’s sculpting powder in the collection that looks like it would be good for contouring.

Did you rush out to see the film, did you like it?

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