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Making-Up my Way Around the World

By June 11, 2009Uncatagorized

I am just recently back from a tour around part of the world. I kept a blog on www.travelblog.org which I thought I might share here, so I shall copy the excerpts over. I really wanted to write a book about my experience especially the make-up side of things and call it “Making-up my way around the world”..but somehow with all the exploration and excitement I forgot about it! Hopefully one day I will get around to it as I haven’t quite finished travelling yet. Perhaps someone out there would like to sponsor me?? I could even do a documentary style TV series spin off if you like 😀

This is a girl that I met up in a mountainous region in Sapa, Vietnam. She was suffering from Alopecia and her eyebrows had all but disappeared. She decided to pencil them in so she wouldn’t look different to the other girls in her village. I thought she was gorgeous, but she said she hated her freckles and she wanted light skin like mine. She had gotten the sun damage from picking rice in the fields. I always find it fascinating that Caucasians spend their time trying to be darker with fake tan, bronzers etc and Asian people try and make themselves lighter with brightening creams! I guess its a case of you want what you can’t have. Oh and while in Chang Mai, Thailand I even saw nipple pinkening cream! Bizarro!

Pencilling in Eyebrows in Sapa

Pencilling in Eyebrows in Sapa

Aboriginal Body
Aboriginal Body Painting in Australia

Painting in Australia

While in Australia, I had the opportunity to meet an Aboriginal Elder. I bit of a sign of the times, he had a nice round belly and was playing his didgeridoo to dance music rigged up to car batteries. I guess you have to make a living somehow! Love the body painting though.
Anyway that was a far as I got on the book, pretty pathetic really I know, but I promise there will be more in the future. In the meantime I am going to put up the other blogs from my travels.

Enjoy xx

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